Hopeless Wonderer-posts of 2017

I have had my blog 6 friggin months and I am already on my way to 300 followers! When I start a hobby I tend to get bored after a few months and change to something else, but the blogging community has kept me keen and I love reading all your posts! Hopefully you all … Continue reading Hopeless Wonderer-posts of 2017


100 of you!?

Only 1 month later and i have 100 followers!? I started my little blog with the intention it would be like a little diary, and 1 month later 100 people have taken the time to read through my blabble, and listen to my opinions and rants and admire my photography. I'm so grateful, the blogging … Continue reading 100 of you!?

Summer Lovin

The sun is beaming, pub gardens are blooming and my sun burn is mighty red, but the first day of summer is shortly upon us! Without a doubt, summer is my favourite time of year. I'm a small person, who can easily feel the cold so the less baggy clothes i can wear the better. This … Continue reading Summer Lovin

United Through Sport // Camp South Africa 2017.

South Africa is a country heard about by many and explored by little. The media indulge in the violence and drug abuse behind the country's capital. Johannesburg. As of February 2017, I experienced South Africa intimately in what became the most incredible and unforgettable few weeks of my life. (so far...) I went to SA, … Continue reading United Through Sport // Camp South Africa 2017.