I hate to admit it, but as of August 31st I will be 21. *ew* Turning 20 is all fun and games but I haven't necessarily felt like ive changed into an adult, whereas the thought of being 21 is more of a " well great now I'm an adult" kinda vibe. Anyway, I thought [...]

Spotlight Saturday ~ Sophie from Hopeless Wonderer

hey guys, check out the interview i did with Maggie from Dreaming of Guatemala! ❤

Dreaming of Guatemala

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday to all of you. 🙂 For this week’s interview, I got to interview a new blogger that I recently met! I’m so glad I had the chance to do this with her. xx Let’s get into it!

My words are in italics, and hers are in bold.


Spotlight Saturday #9

Hi everybody! Thank you so much for coming by this week’s Spotlight Saturday. Today, I’d like to introduce to you a sweet blogger that I recently met, who is actually quite new to blogging! Please welcome Sophie from Hopeless Wonderer!

Hey guys! Hope everyone’s having a fabulous day, so as mentioned i’m quite new to the world of blogging, so i’m still getting the hang of this! I just want to say a huge thanks to Maggie for giving me the chance to do this it is much appreciated 🙂

No problem…

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The Leibster award!

Hey guys! Honestly I'm kinda shocked. I haven't been blogging long and not only do i have 50 followers but ive been nominated for my first award/tag!! Huge appreciation goes to Story spiller so please check out this blog!  It's one of my favs and I could easily spend hours reading through all the blog [...]

Summer Lovin

The sun is beaming, pub gardens are blooming and my sun burn is mighty red, but the first day of summer is shortly upon us! Without a doubt, summer is my favourite time of year. I'm a small person, who can easily feel the cold so the less baggy clothes i can wear the better. This [...]