Forest exploring

As soon as autumn hits you are pretty much obliged to partake in an autumnal walk through a forest. We went for a walk in a place called the Forest of Dean, with the intention to follow the sculpture trail, but with the both of us having no sense of direction it is fair to … Continue reading Forest exploring



Reading Festival is a rock music festival which takes place over the last weekend of August. Myself and a few friends try to go every year and once again the weekend did not disappoint. The festival for us starts on a Wednesday as we tend to get early entry. This allows us to get a … Continue reading READING FESTIVAL 2017

Bordeux and Baguettes

For a few days last week myself and few friends went to Bordeaux in France. We stayed in quite a rural area and the scenery was breath-taking. Fields and fields of sunflowers and the most elegant buildings. Dare I say it... very french? I flew in a day later than the others so after they … Continue reading Bordeux and Baguettes

My Film Camera: First attempt

Hey guys! Recently I was lucky enough to be given a Zenit 12XP film camera by a friend. This camera features in my blog post comparing digital with film photography.   Since writing that post, I have now had my first roll of film developed. Exciting stuff!! Without blowing my own trumpet, i don't think … Continue reading My Film Camera: First attempt

Film Camera VS Digital

Everyone has that friend that takes too many photos..well that's me, and being that person means i have heavily invested in array of cameras. I have your standard go pro, Nikon and my new found fav is the Zenit film camera. I love photography and wanted to write a little post comparing the main two … Continue reading Film Camera VS Digital

Summer Lovin

The sun is beaming, pub gardens are blooming and my sun burn is mighty red, but the first day of summer is shortly upon us! Without a doubt, summer is my favourite time of year. I'm a small person, who can easily feel the cold so the less baggy clothes i can wear the better. This … Continue reading Summer Lovin