South African Hunni

When I travelled to South Africa, it gave me the chance to meet many great people. One person in particular became my life and soul and i would consider to be a very good friend. Long story short, nearly 10 months down the line and she is still stuck with me! Me and Millie live … Continue reading South African Hunni


That one time in Thailand…

I once attempted to travel around Thailand. I say attempt because I ended up stranded in Bangkok for four days due to lost luggage. My trip started after I flew from South Africa to Bangkok. This included 3 connecting flights and was a draaaaaaag. Once I finally arrived in Bangkok two hours later than expected, … Continue reading That one time in Thailand…

Bordeux and Baguettes

For a few days last week myself and few friends went to Bordeaux in France. We stayed in quite a rural area and the scenery was breath-taking. Fields and fields of sunflowers and the most elegant buildings. Dare I say it... very french? I flew in a day later than the others so after they … Continue reading Bordeux and Baguettes

The one and only Glastonbury

Lets talk mud and music! Glastonbury is one of the longest running festivals in England, based in the heart of Somerset. It's a festival filled with a variety of contemporary art and music but in all honestly its complete madness and filled with such a wild variety of acts. In summer 2016 i experienced Glastonbury … Continue reading The one and only Glastonbury