My Secret Collection…

Everyone has a collection, whether it be stamps, coins, toys from your childhood, there is always something.

My little hoarding problem is cinema tickets. I absolutely love going to the cinema and watching the latest blockbuster. It’s the chance to be in a room where you focus on nothing but the movie in front of your eyes as you drift off to another world.

Some of my favourite cinema experiences have been Avengers infinity war, Star Wars, Mamma Mia and of course even the odd horror movie.

I have managed to collect every single cinema ticket since I can remember and the great thing is they are super easy to store because they are so small so I just keep them in this little box!


I decided to dig out this little box of mine and have a rummage. It’s fair to say I have heavily invested in the superhero universe with many a DC and Marvel blockbuster being viewed.


Below are some of my older films including The Inbetweeners movie, The Lego Movie (which is a sick film) and Planet of the apes! (I sobbed like a baby during this)


I managed to find the oldest cinema ticket I have which is for The Inbetweeners movie in 2011. Funny story about this, we all tried to watch it but some of us weren’t old enough so we snuck in and bought a ticket for a different movie hehe.


Hope you enjoyed this little insight into my collections. Is there anything you collect? Do you remember the first movie you saw at the cinema?

Lots of love,



13 thoughts on “My Secret Collection…

  1. Aww I do the same thing! Except I keep any tickets, including cinema, that I can/remember to together in one wicker box, like a memory collection. Shame I didn’t do this when I was a kid though so I don’t have my first cinema tickets. First film was when my parents took me to this awful cinema (tiny, but amazing at the time) to watch Black Beauty! πŸ™‚
    Caz x


  2. Aww!! I love that you keep all of your cinema tickets. I always try to keep any stubs from any event that you need one but I probably have lost more than half before they made it into my scrapbook. πŸ˜›


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