Simple: Home comforts!

Back with another post in my simple series!

How is everyone today? If you have been following my blog for a while I have been running a long (and not so established) series called Simple! Since I moved out earlier this year I have been learning the best ways of living on my own and have created the series to share it with you.

For this post I will be showing you how I have made my flat more of a home through little comforts!

First up and probably the most important! PLANTS!!

Plants are great to add life to your home from small little succulents to cactus. I have a few small ones below and by far the best purchase is my tree! It really adds colour to the room and is a great way to hide all my cables in the corner.

Next up, pillows! 

I am aiming for a yellow theme in my living room so have reflected the sofa area to carry this mainly. The bigger the pillows the better the coziness of course.


Now i know what your thinking, how on earth are shelves comfy, well they add to the overall aesthetic! plus mine are cute af.


Finally, how could I not include this? Fairylights!

My flat is super special and cosy to me as cosy is the best thing for making a house a home!

Thats it for today, lots of love



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