Hopeless Wonderer of 2018

Happy New Year to all!

Last year I wrote a post of all the collective favourite posts of 2017 so this year will be no different.

I love doing posts like these not necessarily for you guys but for me to look back at all that has happened.

Lets dive straight in, here are a few of my favourite posts from this year of mine!

  1. Anxiety my story.

I like this post because it was the first time I really got pen to paper about my anxiety, and you guys have this as your favourite post of mine!

2. England VS The Beast from the East

Although this is a little rant, the snow in England earlier this year was like something we hadn’t experienced before and has made some cracking memories.

3. Review: Avengers Infinity War.

Lets just remember….

4. AMSTERDAM Day 1- Beer, Balconies and bikes.

My first time to my favourite city ❤

5. YNOT? Festival 2018

A slight change of festival scenery but by far one of the best weekends ever.

6. Wet and windy Welsh weekend

Not my usual holiday but it was such a highlight of this year!

7. More Than Music: Arctic Monkeys!!

By far one of the best gigs I have ever been to!

8. MY PUPPY!!!!

How can I not include this…

And that’s it, I didn’t want to overload you but its nice to have a little summary.

2018 saw me gain 500 followers, and grow as a blog. I want to collaborate more next year as it’s not something I’m very good at so if you have any ideas, give me a shout!

Lots of love and best of luck for 2019 🙂

Sophiemags x


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