My favourite Christmas movies!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

The way I see it from the 1st December it is officially the beginning of Christmas celebrations. One of my favourite thing about the Christmas time is the vast amount of snug movies we get to enjoy and with Netflix and Amazon Prime filling our evenings very muchly I thought I would compile a list of my favourite Christmas movies*

*When I say Christmas movies, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are xmas themed just the ones you usually find on at this time of the year!

Happy Feet
It’s just such a happy cheerful film and its full of CUTE penguins. It’s about a penguin grown up to sing but who really wants to dance and everyone is against him, and no matter your age it is a fab film to watch!


Deck the Halls
I only watched this for the first time a few weeks ago, and despite the fact it is the cheesiest cringes film ever, it is a proper Christmas cheer film and I really liked it. It made me feel very festive and get me in the spirit! This film is about neighbours who compete to have the most festive house and it has a proper little quirk to it, but the cringe makes the film worth it!


Star Wars: A Force Awakens
Star Wars is ALWAYS on at this time of year so if you’re going to dive in you most definitely have to watch the force awakens. When they said they would be releasing a new Star Wars everyone had expectations and I’m glad this filmed excelled every single one.


Mamma Mia
Who doesn’t love a proper good sing song at Christmas time hey?! Mamma Mia is such a good family orientated film and its very chirpy and i love it!!!
I haven’t been able to see the second one yet but i have heard good reviews, but either way you can’t go wrong with some Abba hey!


Thats it for today i just wanted to put together a little post. Also side note- Polar Express, what is the hype with that film?? I actually found it to be one of the most boring films every, i don’t get the obsession!

I hope you all find the perfect film to get cosy with,

lots of love,



7 thoughts on “My favourite Christmas movies!

  1. Interesting choices! I think I prefer Christmas movies that are more the ones you typically see at this time of the year, rather than Christmas-themed. I quite enjoyed Mama Mia, even though it wouldn’t be my usual cuppa tea (far too sugary sweet!) You going to try to catch the second one soon? πŸ™‚

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  2. These are such good choices! Love that you included Mamma Mia. I’m just such a sucker for unbelievably cheesy Christmas romance movies. Hallmark, Netflix originals… You name it. The only thing – I tend to watch them anytime except for actually the Christmas months. My friends call me weird for watching Christmas romance films in the middle of summer but hey, I love itπŸ˜‚

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