More Than Music: Nothing But Thieves

We are back with another one in my More than Music series, and this was a gig I saw the day after Slaves! I have written a post about that gig here.

So two days in a row at the same small arena meant for another intimate gig but this time I was standing!

I’ve never seen Nothing But Thieves live before but from listening to their music it was evident they would put on a show. Their indie rock style is phenomenal as the style of music they produce is basically an art. They are symphonic and elegant while also being hardcore and badass.

The show itself reflected this 100% as the sounds they produce live illustrated the talent behind the band aswell as the artful light show that surrounded the music.

It was so good to be able to have a little dance and sing to my hearts content with a band who carry so much power and emotion and it is definitely a gig I won’t forget.

Lots of love,




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