The negative impact of reality TV

Everyone has a secret TV show they hate to admit they love. Mainly because its cringe worthy reality TV, but also is complete gold.

Mine is Love Island. This TV show is about single men and women who are god and goddesses, make up covered, beach perfect bodies, without one single spot on them, who are put together in a villa to basically try to fall in love. I know right, there’s literally no story at all.

Its sex filled, alcohol induced and party going bullshit, but I friggin love it. I can’t stop watching it and I am more than happy to spend an hour of my incredibly eventful day watching this complete crap. Why you ask?? Because it’s so entertaining seeing others put themselves in these awful situations, and I can sit at home and judge away.

Don’t get me wrong there are loads of reality TV shows which aren’t that bad, singing / dancing competitions, dating shows the whole lot. The thing is, all reality TV shows are created, to give the audience an unrealistic opinion of how reality is, and therefore it impacts the minds of young adults, and how life is expected?? You want me to maintain a full-time job, beach ready body, full face of make up and be mentally stable??? Hells no, but if Olivia on sex on the beach can do it, then hells yeah I can! Β Obviously that is not true, and it is not possible to do that, plus who wants to wear a full face of makeup every day, my friends are lucky if they catch me looking anything other than tired on a weekly basis let alone daily.

None of it makes sense and it drives me bonkers. The kind of people they pick for these shows are shovenistic, fame seeking idiots who come across like complete arrogant meat heads and it gives a complete unrealistic opinion of how life is. There are stresses and podgy bodies, and stretch marks, with tall bodies and wide feed and all that make a person go, but it is completely natural, and as much as you don’t care about it, it is constantly shoved in your face that is wrong, because of these so-called reality TV shows,

They do not help with confidence or self-esteem at all, and I think it is very unfair!

I’m done ranting now, I’m going back to being curled up under a blanket, shoving my pale skinned face with Doritos.

Do you have a secret binge worthy TV show?

Lots of love,



9 thoughts on “The negative impact of reality TV

  1. THIS THIS THIS!! My first thought on seeing the love island lot was just “….they all look so similar”. Most have plastic lips, boobs above a certain size, an inch of makeup done pretty much the same way, long straight hair and an IQ below 50 (couldnt resist). I definitely think reality shows can be very harmful for our self-esteem xx

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