Amsterdam Day 3: Animals and appetites

The long awaited Day 3 of my magnificent Amsterdam trip is here!

For our third day, feeling incredibly hungover and sorry for myself, we went to the Amsterdam zoo. The day started off with the worst coffee I have ever had. Seriously Dam sort your shit out, why is your coffee so bad??? Hungover wanting to recover with coffee and instead I was fed liquid poison. ( ok im being dramatic but it was gross)

Amsterdam Zoo is deffo one of the nicest zoo’s I have ever seen. The enclosures are massive, the animals looks really content, and there was such a variety, including sloths, birds, many many cute mammals and more.

As the zoo took all day, we ended our night with a trip to Hardrock Cafe, Amsterdam. this was my first hard rock experience and the food was mouth wateringy delicious!

Here are some pictures from the day…


Lots of love,



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