More than music: Kendrick Lamar Live

Kung fu kenny, King Kunta, the man that is king Kendrick Lamar.

Kendrick Lamar is a rapper/ singer and on February 9 I saw him perform live at the Birmingham Genting arena. For his performance I was seated and we actually had really good seats to the side of the stage so had a really good view. I normally stand as it does emerge you more into the music but I think for pure safety alone it was a lot more of a safer decision to sit, plus the crowd looked incredible!


It’s fair to say I’m not a day 1 Kendrick Lamar fan, and out of choice I wouldn’t choose to put his music on as I do prefer rock genre. However we all have two sides and apart from my rock chick side, I have the hardcore, raps her heart out while cleaning or gyming gal that loves these beats.The imagination and effort put into the show from start to finish was phenomenal. It is fair to say I have never witnessed a performance quite like it.

The fire, the smoke the bangs, the lighting all of it was on point and I left the show feeling reincarnated like I couldn’t believe what I have witnessed. Even now it’s a few days later and I’m still in complete awe of the show.

Kendrick Lamar’s music varies from soft rap to hard-core wanting to swing your hair around body pumping beats and I felt every single tempo at that show. It was hard to take my eyes off!


It is fair to say that even if you’re not that much f a fan of his music if you ever get the chance to see him at a festival or a warm up act, take it because your eyes will be amazed.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and check out my last post in my More Than music series- Kasabian!

Lots of love




5 thoughts on “More than music: Kendrick Lamar Live

  1. Oh my god I love Kendrick so much. I truly believe he is pushing the music genre forward. I am kind of a mixed soul – I love classic / indie rock, dream / indie pop, RnB and of course a little rap (it comes and goes in phases). But Kendrick is that one constant. Him and Childish Gambino that is. I am SO JEALOUS you got to see a concert it just looks/sounds utterly AMAZING.

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