Who doesn’t get stressed these days huh?

In fact sometimes I get so stressed that  my stress stresses me out??? WHY

I have always been a stress head whether that be making plans, driving, work, life in general, things just tend to stress me out more than others. Although stress can be good for you in the short-term, I think long-term it is not the best. My methods of dealing with stress, once I have sighed long enough and hard enough is to either tackle the problem straight on (fight) or run away and cower until the problem resolves itself (flight).

However the reason behind this post is I wanna know how you guys deal with stress?? Baths don’t work for me because I get bored (but I am obsessed with new bath bombs hahahahah) and sometimes things do get too much. So please do tell me whats a good method!

Lots of love,



12 thoughts on “Stress

  1. Mindfulness is a good technique which can be used for those who suffer from anxiety but that varies depending on the user. It can help at night more so, for me, anyway. Simply focusing on what is present like any noises you hear and fully absorbing sensory data takes your mind of racing thoughts and stress.

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  2. can’t remember being stressed. Only when patch dissapeared for an hour ( never before ) after a return from a holiday. I dealt with that by mobilizing every neighbor and authority in the search,i guess the stress level powered my thoughts. I guess i just push through stress ???????

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  3. I’ve literally got eight tests in the first week of January so I totally get you! What I do that really helps though is, make yourself a list with the things you have to do (like revising, finishing an essay, housework, etc…) and tell yourself to only do one at the time. I find it really helps because doing everything one at the time is much less stressful!!! I hope this helps! xxx

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