The need to move out VS the want to travel

The closer it gets to turning 21 the more it dawns on me that sooner or later I’m gonna have to grow up.

I’m 20 years old in full-time work, I drive, go to the gym, cook my own meals and definitely get hangovers like I’m 40 years old. Nothing your stereotypical adult doesn’t do really but nothing says adulthood like having your own place. I’m lucky enough to be in a situation where I don’t have to pay rent to my parents, and rarely do i have to do much housework. In fact i am incredibly lucky to be in this position and i am forever grateful to both of my parents for that.

However, that doesn’t mean living at home is easy, and the number of days where I am becoming desperate to move out are adding up. The constant battle in my head between needing to move out for my own peace of mind, while also wanting to go travelling to Canada are driving me crazy.

Moving out would mean my own environment, where I can do what i want and design my own little place. But it would also mean being broke all the time. Who knew there were so many bloody bills to pay. TV, Phone, Gas, Electric, Water, WiFi, Heating, Insurance, Council Tax, aghhhhhhhh. I have been looking at  buying my own place, and i have viewed a few flats, one which I’m super interested in, but i know i can’t go travelling if i move out. I have always dreamed of visiting Canada and i promised myself i would go. At the end of the day this situation will only affect me whether i go or not, or whether i buy a place or not.

I’m going to try to make the most of having money while I can and i know I’m in a strong position.

Maybe it’s not my year to be an adult, and 21 is young, but I can’t help having my life clock tick away in the back of my head.

Until next years midlife crisis….



10 thoughts on “The need to move out VS the want to travel

  1. You literally just read my mind, I feel this so much. I’ve got a post in my drafts written about it actually! I live at home right now and really have the urge to move out into my own space but then I’m always thinking would I regret it after? Am I spending money I don’t necessarily need to? So many decisions! X

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  2. Living alone is quite stressful. I’m considering moving back home. There are so many bills and so many miscellaneous expenses that come up when you’re living alone. At the end, you just have to consider it carefully and do what you think is best.

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  3. I think there’s definitely a happy medium you can find where you can have both, but you may have to redefine some things. For instance, maybe not own, but rent from a homeowner. I’m super lucky too, but I do live alone and I’ve set it up so that I borderline poverty but it allows me freedom to travel (ultra-low budget) quite often! I’d say do the trip to Canada first and figure the future out a day atva time!!!

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