Film Camera VS Digital

Everyone has that friend that takes too many photos..well that’s me, and being that person means i have heavily invested in array of cameras. I have your standard go pro, Nikon and my new found fav is the Zenit film camera. I love photography and wanted to write a little post comparing the main two types of cameras I use.

First up is my beloved Nikon D3200. Being my first camera I put never-ending research into the brand and style. It was important to me to pick something that was going to last a while, but without spending too much money. This camera can be purchased for Β£300 but if you are looking at the body only you will be able to get your hands on it for around Β£80.00

Good points:
  • It is a very user friendly camera and is simple to use, whilst also maintaining professional quality.
  • Incredible zoom, even on the photo itself once taken.
  • Sharp quality pictures with basic lens
  • Photos are easy to transfer across to other devices
  • The camera body fits perfectly in hand
  • Is compatible with all lens sizes.
  • Battery lasts for quite while.
  • Works incredibly well in all lighting situations
  • Facial recognition is quick and leads to quick focus

I have had this camera for 3 or 4 years now and it hasn’t failed me. I mainly take landscape photos but even with portraits it does the job. I’m not amazed by the photos it produces but it has definitely helped me learn how to improve my photography and how the different elements of a camera come into play.

I was given my film camera, the Zenit 12xp, Β only a short few months ago so didn’t really have much choice. I’ve never really been interested in polaroid as to me there isnt really a challenge just a push of a button. But with a film camera you have to be more in sync with what you are doing. It doesn’t all work automatically so its about knowing what does what. (which I luckily picked up from my digital camera)

Good points:

  • Easy to adjust buttons
  • Clear movement in the exposure
  • Strong focus especially with landscapes
  • Strong body (I dropped mine too much)
  • Retro style
  • Easy open back

There isn’t too much I can say about this camera because if its poorly exposed that’s probably my fault, but once you get the hang of what does what, it is a very neat little camera.

Between the two I don’t think i could ever go without using my digital, because i like to see what i have taken, rather than having to wait until it is printed. However the outcome of the photos from a film camera does have a more edgy vibe and i feel like a true photographer collecting my film from the processor. If a film camera is something you are interested in i would definitely recommend it, just as long as you expect to waste a few roles of film getting used to it then dive straight in.





7 thoughts on “Film Camera VS Digital

  1. I too use an analogic camera, it’s a completely manual one, the Nikon FM2, and I love it! It is just a totally different way of taking pictures and it produces totally different kind of photos. I personally prefer the film, it has a special atmosphere that no action or hours of post production can really achieve!
    It’s been a while now since when I started with photography and I don’t think that anyone really interest in this art should skip the analogic step. It really teaches you how the photography works and, most of all, it makes you think before clicking πŸ™‚
    Of course, we couldn’t survive without the digital camera but using both it is a good compromise to keep you in exercise πŸ™‚

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