I hate to admit it, but as of August 31st I will be 21. *ew*

Turning 20 is all fun and games but I haven’t necessarily felt like ive changed into an adult, whereas the thought of being 21 is more of a ” well great now I’m an adult” kinda vibe.

Anyway, I thought i would make a list of all the things i have accomplished before turning 21 and then i can look back and feel proud.

  1. I successfully learnt to drive and haven’t crashed yay!
  2. Finished school GCSE’s and A-Levels which I passed all of
  3. Completed TWO apprenticeships
  4. Travelled around South Africa for five weeks on my own
  5. Went to my first festival (and now have been every year!)
  6. Drove in a foreign country (this is important to me, driving stresses the f out of me, plusΒ the car basically broke down every 200 yards)
  7. Learnt how Β to cook-now I’m no Jamie oliver but its key to surviving on your own
  8. Gained qualifications in business admin and customer service
  9. Thrown a party (this is technically happening on my 21st but hey ho)
  10. Learnt how to play the ukulele (I’m almost there..)
  11. Jumped out of a plane 9000ft high over South Africa
  12. Been to a rugby and football match
  13. Coached sport to kids from South African schools
  14. Completed a book! ( I used to be the worst at starting books and not finishing, but now ive completed 8 books!
  15. Met someone famous-Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons
  16. Finished a game! ( Same as books I could never finish a xbox game and now i can’t stop until i have!)
  17. Been in the newspaper
  18. Have been the fittest and healthiest I have been my entire life (100KG on leg press was tough but i did it !!!)
  19. Volunteered at a festival
  20. Saved up enough for a deposit for a flat
  21. And finally, I started this blog, and I’m so happy i did!!

Looking back I don’t think I’m doing too bad for your average 20-year-old. I wonder what else will be on the list by the time i’m 25…




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